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Pro Duffers Golf Club - Southern Michigan

Charter History 

The Southern Michigan Chapter of Pro Duffers USA was founded at the behest of Lawrence (Larry) Green. Lawrence joined the Memphis Chapter in Tennessee while employed as an administrator.  Following his retirement from the Memphis City Schools, Green moved back to Jackson, Michigan with the vision of forming a chapter in Southern Michigan because of the organizational mind set of the Pro Duffers USA and the Memphis Chapter.

He and Fraternity Brother, Ira Kendrick, began to move forward with their shared vision using the sponsorship of the Memphis chapter as their template. The objective in mind was to recruit golfers with the common interest in playing golf as well as being civic minded in serving the community.  Additionally, to have a strong desire to involve under privileged youth who may otherwise be exposed to this wonderful sport (GOLF).  On November 13th, 2010, after recruiting 10 golfers with similar interests, invited National President, Chuck Stratford, and national membership chairman, Dr. William Terrell, to formally induct the chapter into the Pro Duffers organization, now known as the Southern Michigan Pro Duffers Chapter.


There were 10 charter members inducted into this chapter they are;


Lawrence Green

Ira Kendrick

Michael Whiteside

Benjamin Thomas

Alphonso Ross

James Stanley

Robert Hester

Allen Matthews

Melvin McWilliams

James Blakely


The Southern Chapter is determined to make golf a memorable experience for its members, youth and our community at large.

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